Church Wide

Freedom Weekend


  • September 22, 2023
  • 325-795-2222
  • Kathy Sanders
  • 3122 South Clack Street

We All Need Freedom!

Do you have areas of your life that you want to experience the freedom Jesus talks about in the Bible? Do you desire to get rid of past hurts and be reunited to the Father and His love for you. At New Hope Church, we desire to see the presence of God to come into people’s lives and restore what was lost in their lives.

What is a Freedom Weekend?

A Freedom Weekend is built around encountering the presence of God in a dramatic way in a concentrated weekend. A Freedom Weekend gives an opportunity for God to have access to all areas of your life to bring freedom to you in a way you possibly have never experienced before.

What does a Freedom Weekend look like?

A Freedom Weekend is a Friday night-Sunday afternoon event that centers around identifying areas of our life that we need to give to God to restore. On all three days you can expect passionate worship and engaging teachings.